Beacon Press’s series–“ReVisioning American History”–offers fresh perspectives on familiar narratives and is told from the viewpoint of underrepresented communities. Consisting of accessibly written history books by notable scholars, the series reconstructs and reinterprets United States history from diverse perspectives including African American, indigenous peoples, workers, Latino/as, the queer community, among others.

Gayatri Patnaik, editorial director at Beacon Press, oversees the series, and stresses that “each title will both fundamentally challenge but also change how you think about U.S. history.” Adding that the books are intended for both general and academic audiences, she notes that the first title was by veteran LGBT activist and scholar Michael Bronski. His award winning book, A Queer History of the United States, was published in May 2011. A Disability History of the United States by prominent disability historian Kim Nielsen was published in October 2012 to strong review attention. Radical activist and scholar Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s An Indigenous History of the United States was published in September 2014, went through 8 printings in its first year and won the 2015 American Book Award.

Forthcoming titles include A Black Woman’s History of the United States by distinguished historians Daina R. Berry and Kali Gross and An African American and Latino History of the United States by historian and activist Paul Ortiz.

With over 150 years of independent publishing, Beacon Press has its own extensive and diverse history of publishing historians like Howard Zinn, Marcus Rediker, Robin D.G. Kelley, and Paula Gunn Allen. Authors interested in submitting proposals should contact Patnaik at